Welcome to my site…

Creating one way or another, as in pretty objects, cute babies and too many marriages, had become my approach to move forward in life, and certainly made for a unique journey.

My first years were spent in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. The beginning of my life included dancing, piano, family life (until that fell apart), then sharing a home with male boarders and suffering school life.

Teenage years lead me on to an early marriage, then the following twenty years I spent a large share of that time waddling around looking like a strange shaped egg.  It was worth every moment living with that uncomfortable body because out of it emerged nine beautiful children. They forged ahead through the years and produced a few dozen grandchildren for me. Now life is quiet and rather a non-event, so writing about my experiences and dramatising them up, just a little, seems to seep automatically from my fingertips onto the keyboard. Married life, singledom, married life, singledom … and on it repeated itself … has added much colour, tears, screams and laughter to work with here, hopefully for your entertainment.

Starting my existence near the beachside suburb of Bondi then to much of the Western Suburbs right up to the refreshing coolness of the Blue Mountains, and now finally resting on the Gold Coast beaches of Queensland, has been quite an adventure. My writing is still a work in progress and so I’ll give you snippets to snack on as you feel so inclined. ~ Carice ~



I have become acquainted with angels in my times of need, both the heavenly and the earthly kind.