Bye Hubby…”Unknown Reasons”

Gracey nervously explained she’d been shopping with Ashton (my husband who had run off) to buy me things for christmas, and he wanted her to drop them off for him.
The bags contained fruit cake, a cooked turkey, drinks and a variety of sweets. A card was attached to one of the bags. My emotions were running high, mainly anger at reading the short note. It said, ‘Happy Christmas, I hope you have a lovely day and I hope this food will come in handy. Love to you, from Ashton xxx’
One thing I knew for sure,‘stuff’ is not what makes me happy, does not replace a husband, does not provide the love in a marriage.
Damn it, I needed a husband not a turkey. But then again, that husband was an old turkey and really would I have wanted him to stay pecking away at my self esteem, adding more pain? Strutting around in my space? Gobbling up my peace?


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