Be Grateful for Life’s Experiences

Search for your unknown reasons giving you confusion and loneliness.
Check out if Asperger Syndrome is living in your home…hiding in your marriage!
I found it hiding beneath the pain of unusual behaviour.


3 thoughts on “Be Grateful for Life’s Experiences

    • I am grateful to have had it suggested that Asperger Syndrome could have been the reason for many of my husband’s behaviours. When I searched information about that syndrome it allowed me to understand and know where I stood within the marriage problems.

  1. A quote from my upcoming memoir–“Unknown Reasons”
    Ashton was tired, only that last job to make my home perfect for him to live in and he could rest until our big day.
    He plugged the extension cord in to check the length required. I made us a coffee. The job would not take long. He only needed a short piece taken out so it wouldn’t sag under the floorboards, then he’d place the plug back on the end of the cord. Perfect.
    Bang!! Flashes flew in every direction. I jumped in fright, coffee splashed onto the pale green carpet. Well, the cord was obviously cut into two pieces. Ashton stood wide-eyed, mouth open, feet apart, knees bent and bum pointing backwards to the opposite wall. Struggling to maintain his balance he still held on to the offending cutters. The look on his face suggested he may have been wondering if he’d made it to heaven. I was wondering if he had pooped his daks.
    The blast was impressive.
    “Ash, are you ok? What on earth happened?”
    The poor bloke was tearing up, spitting words through his trembling lips and flopping his tongue around inside his mouth like an injured snake. “I…err…cut the c.c..cord. The stupid ba…sss….tarrr.. was still plug..g..ged in.”
    I turned the switch off at the wall keeping clear of the cord laying on the floor in two pieces, Ash calmed down and sat at the table. He’d not been harmed thanks to his insulated cutters, so I set about mopping up the coffee from the kitchen floor and our new carpet.
    Would you believe we ate biscuits and sipped coffee together as if nothing had ever happened. I have to admit I was fighting a giggling fit. Not game to say a word.
    He must have been at least thinking about what had just occurred… who knows! I knew that incident would not be spoken of inside the walls of our home. I had many friends though to tell and laugh with over that crazy man.
    I am grateful for the varied experiences Ashton brought into my life–that relationship was short lived.

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