A Life Changing…

A Life Changing Diary Entry.
Dear Diary. Now, that was a kiss! If only he’d shown passion like that years ago. He’d hefted his bags from the back of the car before opening my drivers’ side door. After planting that kiss his head was buried into my chest. Having no idea if his eyes were moist through sadness or smiling with relief, I held his head and cried. I told him this was for the best. He replied with ‘I wish you all the best too’. It did not escape me how he’d heard me wrong, but understandable given the circumstances, this time. Five seconds later he closed the door before purposefully walking to the train platform, his life in two large bags at his heels.
Who has a memorable diary entry to share?


5 thoughts on “A Life Changing…

  1. I feel a strong inner need to tell of my life’s experiences and marriages, in the hope of helping someone else who is feeling lonely, feeling misunderstood and confused in their relationship. I am here to tell you it is not your fault.

  2. 1999 Diary Entry in my upcoming memoir ‘Unknown Reasons’ —
    Another morning surprise. My ears pricked up to sounds of movement in the next room, heavy noises like filing cabinet drawers being taken out.
    Max was on the move again. I thought things were as good as it was going to be for us. I had asked again what the problem was, I’d recognised less words were used when we talked, his ‘look’ appearing, which I began thinking was a death stare in my direction when asking what was I doing wrong…His one word reply, ‘nothing’.
    Then the truth came out. He was leaving because I did not want him around. I did not fight him leaving this time. I sat at the dining room table and watched him load all his things into the car and take them to his father’s home. He had three car loads and I waited for him to complete the task. He came back with the empty car saying I can have the car. I drove him to his fathers.

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