One Moment in Time

All it takes is one person to change another’s life.

Share your most memorable experience, I’d love to hear from YOU.


3 thoughts on “One Moment in Time

  1. A moment I cannot forget… A snippet from my upcoming memoir–‘Unknown Reasons’.
    An urgent sounding knock startled me. Quickly I wiped my hands on a small school shirt I was about to dunk into the tub of hot soapy water. Opening the door, I interrupted another sharp rat-a-tat only to be faced with a most handsome young man, with the widest infectious smile and the largest brown eyes I’d ever seen.
    “Hello lady, this is your lucky day.” He flung his arms out wide, stepping back too enthusiastically, almost toppling over the edge of the small concrete landing.
    I stood smiling back at him with an obvious question written all over my face, and thinking I certainly could have done with a little luck that day or any other day.
    “I have towels” he said “and sheets and linen for you lady.”
    “No thanks. Oh, not now.” I dropped my gaze and held onto the door planning to close it.
    “But lady,” he said. “I give you credit, you pay much, much later.”
    “Sorry, no. My husband is bankrupt, I cannot have credit.”
    The enthusiasm of the young fellow drained from him in an instant. “Oh lady, did your husband rob a bank?” He was about to hug me. His beautiful chocolate brown eyes glistened with tears.
    Now was my turn to broadly smile as I stepped back and suggested he go see the lady next door. He left looking concerned for me. I closed the door and laughed out loud needing that release.
    That unusual encounter definitely made my day!

  2. Blah, blah, then I became aware I was to say ‘I do’. I did. The ‘boy’ also did and we were told to kiss, oh, and told we were now man and wife. We tried to kiss, too enthusiastically.
    Ashton lurched forward missing my face totally, landing in my expensive hairdo. He was sobbing like a baby into my ear, leaning on me with his arms holding me tightly as if he never wanted to let go. The others looked alarmed wondering what on earth was the problem.
    Gracey offered the suggestion he was probably overwhelmed. Our best man offered his suggestion that Ash was probably plain bloody scared. I thought he was having a heart attack.
    The celebrant tried to calm the situation by saying he was just full of happiness and pure joy at having a beautiful bride.
    “Are you alright precious?” I said, examining his face. He was very flushed and sobbing, which does prove he has softness in his heart. And to think I had been warned by girlfriends they thought he was heartless.
    Next we had the important signing to do. I sat down, Ashton stood behind me, very close.
    I stood quickly and swung around to give him a hug before he was to sign. Unfortunately I moved too fast and caught Ash under the chin, again sending his face bright red.
    “Honey, goodness me I am so sorry. Are you hurt?” We all expected a few blue words to be expressed. I think the poor bloke was too much of an emotional mess to fully realise what had happened.
    But then it came out, right into my face. “What made you do that you stupid woman?”
    A snippet from my upcoming memoir ‘Unknown Reasons’.

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