Women Living Life

There was good reason I found the pleasure in reading Women’s Fiction at a slightly mature age.  Time flew by with nine children to raise, multiple house moves to undertake and four husbands to make life interesting.

It was a mammoth job to adjust all family needs in an effort to please the ever changing household.

Do you know the inner strength it took to keep my backside sitting quietly in that proverbial boat?  Must admit I rocked it now and then, and I know you understand. Women do!

We’ve all had a raging storm swirling inside us once or twice over the years. Maybe from self doubt, or rejection, grieving, the balancing of life in general, or battling to satisfy some creative need festering  away.

Sharing our thoughts is healing, it is entertaining fun and even enlightening… Can feel like a comfy hug, don’t you think?



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